What do Instagram have in store for 2019 . . . . .

Instagram in 2019

Well, currently the social media platform which is widely popular is Instagram and it is a real truth that Instagram has been gaining a lot of popularity and some marketing agents have been saying that it has the potential to overtake Facebook. And the year 2019 is coming, so what does Instagram has in store for us.


The biggest would be the Instagram Marketing, if you knew it that good then you would make millions from it but if you don’t know anything about it then you will surely going to waste a lot of your hard earned money. Instagram Marketing is one of the biggest scenarios that one need to cash because there is a lot of users out there and if you can target them with your product or service then you will be a really rich person. But as it may sound it is not that easy, it takes a lot of time and also some great efforts to be perfect in this marketing scenario.


Many of us have only one question about Instagram and that is how to grow on Instagram. If your profile is being followed by a lot of people and in social media terms if you have a lot of followers in your Instagram Profile then you can easily become an influencer and it is really not a tough task to achieve.If you go through some youtube videos about how to make your Instagram profile popular you will be able to surpass that level of struggle on this platform. And once you do it, you can become an Influencer and earn money through various brand collaborations.


But growing on Instagram is not that easy, because gaining followers need a lot of time and patience and efforts also. If you are ready to make some efforts towards it then you can certainly become popular and if you want that sudden boost in your profile’s visibility you can buy Instagram followers at first because that will provide your Instagram profile with that boost and will improve your search presence.


After all of this, what would you need to expect from Instagram? Well, only a few people are able to gain something from it but if you are lucky one then remember this thing that this social media platform has the capacity of making you an overnight star. You can upload videos connect your youtube channel even arrange for all the important meetups and you can also a big network of yourself but here lies the main fact you need to do certain efforts which would help you achieve this much of great things.


So, in the end, I just want to conclude that you can easily make the most out of Instagram if you have got the guts and a certain type of effort and dedication will make you go beyond and reach great popularity on Instagram.


How to use hashtags to increase your instagram engagement

If you want to be on top of the hashtag page depends on how popular you are and how popular your post is. The higher your post appears on the hashtag page the better it would be for you to be discovered by a bunch of people which have never seen you nor have you seen them. Hashtags are sometimes very difficult to understand and the whole game of Instagram lies in it. If a post gets listed on Instagram search results for a specific hashtag, then the number of likes and followers coming in are insane, and it truly depends upon the difficulty of the hashtag.


Many people assume that without using the right hashtag’s they will be able to get many followers on their Instagram profile, but the reality is different, you will have to use the proper hashtag’s to grow your profile.


Well here are some important things which should be taken into consideration while using hashtags on Instagram.


1. Use hashtags in your own niche.

Remember this if you try to use inappropriate hashtags you will never be able to grow your followers on Instagram. If your profile or post is under a certain niche then you should use the hashtags which are relevant to your niche. For example:- If someone posts a picture of a traveling then he/she must use the hashtags related to traveling not any other niche.


2. Try to use 25 to 27 hashtags.

If you are posting a certain picture on Instagram try to use at least 25 to 27 hashtags which are relevant in your niche. You can use 4 or 5 hashtags in the caption and the remaining ones in the comments.


3. Try not to use more than 30 hashtags.

If you are using more number of hashtags for your Instagram post do not try to use more than 30 hashtags for your post and the reason for this is that it is considered as a spam by Instagram if you use more than 30 hashtags in your post or picture.


4. Try to look for and research about hashtags.

Always get some time and research on the competition level of hashtags. Try to use low competition hashtags at first. Like, say if you are getting a 100 likes on your picture to try to use hashtags which have 100k to 200k competition, anything beyond would be impossible and your post will be in millions who are looking to rank for a certain hashtag.


5. You can also use a combo.

Well according to me I always use a combo of hashtags. Firstly the lower competition and after that the middle competition ones and at last the higher competitive ones. You can assume that you are using in between 25 to 27 hashtags for your post. Then you can take around 8 hashtags for 100k to 200k competition and another 8 for 300k to 700k and after that another 8 for 800k to 1 million.


6. Business profiles can measure Hashtag engagement.

If you have recently switched from a normal Instagram account to a business account you will be able to see the view insights option which will tell you how many impressions you have received from your hashtags. For doing this just follow the steps:-

  • Select the post you want to view insights for and tap on the view insights.
  • You can swipe up to see all the hashtags you used and the impressions you got for using them.
  • By knowing this you can figure out that which hashtags are more beneficial for you.

You just need to focus on how to use Instagram hashtags because that will make you go forward in this space. Well If you follow all these steps you will be able to shine on Instagram and do business with it. These steps will certainly help you out on getting the right amount of audience for yourself, and if still, you are struggling on Instagram you can try to buy Instagram followers and sure they will make your profile rank in top hashtags which in turn would provide you with more and more Instagram followers. That is why you need to buy Instagram followers India and make your Instagram profile go up in a certain amount of time.